5 Movie Box Horror Films Too Scary to Finish!

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Cinema is one of the most sought after ways to entertain oneself and with the advent of technology; you can easily watch your favourite movie online anywhere and anytime and with movie box, watching movies online has gotten much unruffled. Well, to give your sense some pleasurable nightmares to take your feet off the ground with some gory, blood curdling brutally horror films that will let the blood reek out of your soul and heart.

With movie box app, you are sorted, as all you have to do is download the app on your device and you land into the world of movies, TV shows and videos.  Horror genre instils a lot of excitement and the reason behind is that until today, a fine veil of doubts and vagueness blankets our mind, when it comes super natural elements that coexist and cross our paths time to time.

Horror movies intensify those beliefs, so now that you are looking for some great spine-chilling horror films, here we bring you five movies that have created and set benchmark in this very class. To help you here we bring you top five movies that you can enjoy alone (on your own risk) or with your friends.

List of Top 5 Horror Movies of All Time

When the wind is cold and the sky is dark, then the level of excitement, fear will double up on its own. Next time, when you impetuously want to watch horror movies consider these movies to test your waters.


The number one spot goes to this movie, and the best part is that the intensity of fear with each viewing will get scarier and creepier. The movie revolves around an egomaniac crime writer and his ill wife and the couple moves into the house where horrifying murder took place. A modern classic with balanced amalgamation of exorcism, Halloween, and Psycho- thriller so far is best in horror genera. The movie also hassequel and both the part are available movie box.

The Conjuring

The movie opens with black screen only voices of characters talking about their possessed doll. It is based on the true story with immaculate narratives and the treatment of the all the character is also justified. It is understood that it is one of the top grosser on the box office, the movie also has sequel and its third part is in the production stage.

The Babadook

A deep psychological thriller with double edge sword that comes with terrifying monster who is prowling in the house, and as soon the mother sense she realise there is a baleful manifestation around her. The main character of the movie is mother, son and of course deadly monster (Babadook).

It Follows

A supernatural psychological horror film and the plot revolve around teenage girl Jay, who is chased by a supernatural object followed by a sexual encounter. The concept of movie is amazingly striking, as it narrates howa super natural force lugs out sexual intimacy with a girl (Jay, protagonist of the movie).

Paranormal Activity

It is found footage supernatural horror film and the film revolves around the young couple who are haunted by a supernatural presence in their home. It is based on the true events thus it is will make you jump off the board and you will feel the same sort of presence at your place .

Five movies that we recommend you to watch toexperience the fear, thrill to give your heart pound and come out with fear. Grab your drinks and stuff, switch off the lights and let the fear blow you.

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