Dell’s S2417DG 165hz Gaming Monitor with G-Sync Review


Dell is always appreciated for its amazing range of monitors which are widely used for every conceivable use. Recently, Dell has expanded their wings and marked its presence in the industry of gaming monitors with the launch S-Series gaming and multimedia monitors. But, only a couple of models are capable of delivering the best of a gaming monitor, of which the most popular is the S2417DG monitor which is a 24” TN gaming monitor with QHD resolution, ULMB blur reduction, Nvidia G-Sync and higher refresh rate of 165Hz. So, gamers who want a update for their FHS resolution must give a try to this model of gaming monitor by Dell. Dell S2417DG is the ultimate gaming monitor that come QHD resolution and tight pixel density of 122ppi. Above all the Dell S2417DG has a normal refresh rate of 144Hz with 165Hz factory over-clock and hence it is considered to be the best 144Hz Monitor for gaming in this range. The monitor is packed with pretty much everything that a high end gamer demands for which includes G-Sync and thinnest bezels along with good white LED backlight and 165Hz refresh rate.

Dell’s S2417DG Design and Construction

Today, the gaming monitors of different brands are aggressively designed with more paints and LED lighting to show off the gamer credentials. So, if these childish designs of gaming hardware make you down, then switch to Dell S2417DG without a second thought as it comes to your rescue with pretty good design. It is the next Dell’s Ultra sharp gaming monitor which would never let you down. It has got the bold, sleek, yet sophisticated design that combines super slim bezels with professional rear look and weigh hardly 13 Lbs. it has got no built-in speakers, but this is not the end of the world as it comes with some great audio output that you can hook up with some better speakers to get better sounding effects while gaming.

Display and Performance of Dell’s S2417DG

Alike other super faster and high end gaming monitors, Dell S2417DG also features a TN display over IPS panel and it delivers fastest response time and lower price without compromising on viewing angles and color quality. Although the viewing angles are fine, if you move it from dead center, then you are likely to experience poor clarity and color effects.

In regards to performance, the Dell S2417DG is designed to deliver millisecond response time which is above 144Hz traditional gaming monitor. The monitor is designed with traditional 144Hz refresh rate with factory over clock of 165Hz refresh rate capabilities. This will help you get higher refresh rate that you need in monitor settings to maximize your gaming experience and image display capacity. Moreover, the Dell S2417DG is designed NVIDIA G-Sync where the NVIDIA GPU will commune with the monitor so as to ensure that each frame are produced excellently on the display. This in turn will deliver you sharper, faster and smoother images with a tear-free gaming experience. If you enjoy playing high end games at higher frame rates, then monitor like Dell S2417DG would really deliver best results.

Moreover, the Dell S2417DG uses Spyder5 Pro from the house of Datacolor so as to calibrate the monitor before using it for gaming and this ensures a 98% sRGB coverage while gaming. The monitor also includes some color presets in the settings which would help you make things little cooler, warmer and customize some selected games like FPS mode. This will lighten the shadows. The on-board menu is quite good and beneath the buttons that is a right-hand bezel and lot more. It only lacks the native blue light filter.

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