Star Wars Episode II: Movie review

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Star Wars is a film series created by George Lucas in 2002. Jonathan Hales helped him write it, but he directed the film himself. Episode II named ‘Attack of the Clones ‘ had Antony Daniels, Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman and Ian McDiarmid as some of the star actors. The 4-star rating film is an epic opera film that captures the romantic story of a Senator and her guard. Episode II is an almost accurate representation of what humans imagine aliens to be.

Episode Summary

The Episode begins with a sensational chase through city canyons and brief scenes of planets and spaceships. It also includes a dialogue by two characters sharing what happened after ‘Episode I’ and helping the audience connect the dots and get the gist of the story. They also discuss the political climate of the Galactic Republic and muse over the political unease and the future of the Galaxy. The characters tell of the Separatist movement led by Jedi Count Dooku that threatens to plunge the Galactic Republic in the civil war.

Senator Padme travels to Coruscant to help the Jedi deal with this threat and ends up surviving and assassination attempt. She is put under the protection of Knight Kenobi and Anakin, his assistant. After a second assassination attempt, Knight Kenobi is assigned to search for the bounty hunter that saved Padme from her would be assassin and Anakin is left to guard her. The two fall in love with each other and the bigger part of the rest of this Episode focus on their romantic relationship. Knight Kenobi finds the bounty hunter and discovers a plot by the Trade Federation to bring an army of Clones to destroy the Galactic Republic. He is captured before he can relay the message to Anakin, but Yodu duels Count Dooku and saves Kenobi, and Anakin from sure death.

Movie Aspects

The dialogue in this film is such a letdown with the characters at the beginning of the film sounding like bickering lawyers instead of the heroes of the romantic fantasy of this Episode. They lack the thrilling and captivating tone that would set the mood for a hopeless romantic to enjoy the film. Padme and Anakin do a good job in bringing out the romance in the film but their dialogue is somewhat flat and almost seems robotic. The romantic lines are such cliches, except for one point when Anakin tells Padme, “I don’t like the sand. It’s coarse, rough and irritating-not like you.” At this point, the film starts to have some uniqueness and authenticity.

On the other side, the photography and computer-generated images are breathtaking, with the strange aliens and towering cities giving one pause. The directing also does a spectacular job of capturing the transformation of the young guard Anakin into the vicious, murderous man.


People have some pretty strange ideas about aliens, and Episode II of Star Wars does their imagination justice, especially compared to Episode I. I would recommend Attack of the Clones for you if you’re a sucker for romance and the ideals of good winning over evil.

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