What is Web Hosting Services – Explained!


web hosting services is a facility provided by an Internet Hosting Company (Web Host) which allows individuals and organizations to host their websites on the World Wide Web. A Web Host is a small or a large company that provides space on it’s own maintained or leased servers. The web hosting company charges some money from their clients for allowing them to use their server’s space, bandwidth, CPU and memory. The amount charged by web hosts for website hosting is called a “Hosting Package“.

A typical Web Hosting Services provider affords internet connectivity responsibilities and makes sure that the client receives at least 99% uptime. Most Small Business Web Hosting Services Providers promise 99.99% uptime which means that the site will be down for less than an hour during the whole year. Web Hosting Companies provides server space and internet connectivity, however, the scope of Web Hosting Services varies greatly. The most basic Web Hosting features static HTML Web Page hosting with few images on it. The Files can be uploaded to the Web Server of a Web Host using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or Standard Web Interface.

The Files Uploaded to the Web Host’s server is uploaded on an “as-is” basis most of the time and it isn’t compressed which makes them heavier. There are a number of Web Hosting Providers who provides cheap web hosting services, however most of the time they aren’t worth a buy. Individuals or organizations should buy web hosting services only from a trusted web host if it’s for business purpose.

Personal Web Hosting is often free, as personal sites doesn’t consume much disk-space and bandwidth. However, free web hosting services may contain advertisements which in turn makes Web Hosts to earn from your content. A Personal Website generally contains very few pages and mostly a single page hosting plan is sufficient for the same.

On the other hand, Business websites needs large number of pages and require comprehensive package (Full Service Web Hosting). A Business sites slurps more Database requests and uses heavy programming languages like – PHP, Asp.net, JAVA and Ruby on Rails which in turn shoots up Web Hosting Services cost. Nevertheless, they are essential for any business website as it allows customers to Read/Write to the site.

Web Hosting Services Providers do offer special control panels for web interface. These special control panels makes it easier of users to manage their Web Hosting accounts easily using Graphical User Interface (GUI). The most popular control panels currently available in the market are – cPanel for Linux servers and Plesk for Windows server. The control panel provided by these web hosting services provides also makes it easier to install web applications (site software) such as – WordPress, Joomla, BBPress and Drupal.

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